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Chartered Accountants &
Management Consultants
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Doing Business in Africa

Sheer size and cultural, political and social-economic diversity of continental African markets present unique challenges for local, national and international business. Important for any business success is advisory developed via comprehensive knowledge and experience within these markets.


Supply Chain Management

iabc’s Supply Chain Management capability improves business performance by optimizing the flow of both material and information throughout the supply chain. Our services help organizations improve visibility across the supply chain, increase the velocity of the supply chain, and improve the synchronization of supply to meet demand.


Business Financial Planning

iabc provides a range of management consulting and corporate finance services, from business start-up to market entry strategy. iabc will assist firms throughout the whole phase of establishing operations and through growth development strategies and implementation. For firms looking to enter a market, iabc’s experience in conducting market research coupled with the close working relationship various regulatory bodies, ensures that a firm’s entry strategy is planned with clarity, understanding and vision. iabc can also assist in locating potential acquisition targets and drive the acquisition process, from corporate valuations to financial and company structuring.

Corporate Recovery/ Restructuring

iabc can offer advice and provide support in implementing recovery plans, and any necessary reorganisation of debts. This includes restructuring services to overcome any financial, strategic and operational difficulties, and the consequences of insolvency. iabc also offers support for businesses which need a fresh approach to its corporate structure in order to meet and further maximise growing business commitments. iabc can also assess areas of the business that may be targeted for growth, formulating strategies appropriate for a dynamic business environment. Further, iabc offers turnaround-financing models to transform a company and enhance its corporate value.

Service for stakeholders whereby iabc provides an independent assessment of the viability of a distressed business.

iabc will consult to existing or new management providing logistical support and assistance in a turnaround project.

iabc will assist stakeholders in planning and implementing exit strategies from distressed or unwanted relationships. iabc will assist companies who are unbundling, restructuring or who have sold major businesses by advising them on and implementing member’s voluntary liquidations.


Risk Management

Risk Management “Helping companies measure and manage risk” “It takes a storm to know how safe your ship is” In every market opportunity there is risk and managing this risk means putting in place effective control (proofs & checks) measures. iabc will work with our client organisation to identify risk, analyse its impact and implement costeffective controls to minimise it. We aim to introduce a risk management culture throughout the organisations we work with.

iabc’s risk services are provided by experienced professionals who will work with client organisations at every phase of the throughout every phase of the risk management cycle. iabc’s core competency is comprehensive risk and control consulting for a wide array of enterprises.

Risk Management “managing business risks at all levels”

Risk Management identifies measures, assesses and prioritises risks that prevent organisations from achieving their objectives and subsequently develops and implements appropriate strategic, operational, process and cultural risk frameworks. Risk Management assists organisations in linking strategy to business objectives, related risks and associated controls.

iabc will assist organisations to:

  • Create a risk management culture in their organization
  • Link their objectives and business risks
  • Engage employees in managing acceptable risk exposure

By making use of supporting technology, iabc combines:

  • Management consulting
  • Training and development of people in new skill sets
  • Objectives, risk and control analysis
  • Facilitation and change management skills

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning minimises risks by ensuring that key business activities can continue even if business processes or resources fail for whatever reason or become unavailable.

iabc will help the client organisation develop plans to:

  • Manage the incident
  • Minimize the impact
  • Ensure continuity of critical business processes


Corporate Finance

iabc offers an extensive range of services:

• Lead advisory,
• Valuations and transaction services to companies,
• Entrepreneurs and government and the restructuring of companies have created an environment rich with opportunity.

In Southern Africa, companies face unique challenges to business. The reduction of tariffs,
the removal of trade barriers, government privatization initiatives.

Valuation Services

In the light of modern rigorous compliance and regulatory environment, iabc will take the headache out of managing your assets. Our consultants understand how to report value according to accounting, tax and regulatory rules which allows third parties to comprehend the worth of an entity, asset or liability, so that you are able to make informed business and investment decisions. iabc will assist you to properly quantify and articulate value for taxation, transaction, financing, litigation and strategic management purposes.

iabc can assist with the following

  • Planning a merger, acquisition or disposal
  • Seeking an independent opinion
  • Planning ahead
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Involved in a dispute
  • Restructuring your operations